Family Enrichment of Los Angeles is a non-profit organization affiliated with the International Federation for Family Development in Europe. It was founded in 1978. The strong foundation of the family is derived from the love of husband and wife in an indissoluble relationship involving a sincere gift of self for the good of one another.  This gift of Love is further realized by sharing in God’s creative power to bring life into existence, welcoming each child into the family with unconditional love and care.

Because parents have given life to their children, they are seriously obliged to educate them and therefore, they are the first and primary educators.  It is…an obligation of the parents to create an atmosphere in the family inspired by love… which favors an integrated personal and social education. The family, for that reason, is the first school for social human virtues which all societies need.

Parents can give to their children and to each other only what they themselves have.  Parents’ ability to educate their children in human virtues is enhanced by their continuous personal development and being a united team of husband and wife. Family Enrichment is dedicated to support the family by helping parents through a positive approach that provides an opportunity for personal growth and enrichment in developing their abilities to raise their children.

Each Course helps parents to

  • Better distinguish facts from opinions, promoting objective thinking in family life.
  • Improve communications between spouses, helping them differentiate important issues from secondary matters.
  • Make informed decisions by thinking in terms of the long-range outcome of their parenting.


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